A modern day Rioja from Beronia

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Beronia Tempranillo 2010 (Rioja, Spain)

We're all going on a summer holiday.... more worries for a week or two.....

A powerful pair from Dona Dominga

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Having been named as the "winery of the year 2010" by Wine and Spirit Magazine USA and described as "Chile's most awarded winery of the 21st Century" by Vitis Magazine (no, me neither) there must be some pedigree behind Dona Dominga. Having been sent two samples of their wines I was therefore keen to try these out.

You say rosato and I say rosado

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I have a particular soft spot for pink wines. But what do we mean exactly by 'pink' wines? Some of them, however, do receive a bit of a bad reputation. Some people believe that rose wines are very seasonal and allegedly only appeal to a particular segment of the wine-drinking public.

Best of the bunch - Baroncini 1489 Chianti Riserva 2009 (Tuscany, Italy)

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Remember how embarassing it was when your Mum used to make you wear something that you knew just looked ridiculous? I imagine that's how Chianti used to feel when it was made to parade around in those ridiculous wicker covered bottles. It can't have been any fun just waiting to become a glorified candle holder.