You say rosato and I say rosado

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I have a particular soft spot for pink wines. But what do we mean exactly by 'pink' wines? Some of them, however, do receive a bit of a bad reputation. Some people believe that rose wines are very seasonal and allegedly only appeal to a particular segment of the wine-drinking public.

To be honest, my palate tends to prefer proper pink wines. These are the types of wine that you can drink all year round and are truly exquisite. I don't really enjoy the very commercial, almost industrially-manufactured mass market brands, especially those that taste rather synthetic.
For instance, I could actually name a few of them (mostly they are called 'blush wines' and blah blah rose etc), but that would be very indiscreet. I would genuinely prefer to give you a few suggestions of some of my current favourites. Moreover, not only will these authentic pink wines be delicious on their own, especially during spring, summer and early autumn, but also great partners to seasonal dishes.

Within Europe, for me, one of the regions most synonymous with pink wines is Navarra in Northern Spain. Here, there is a great tradition and heritage with rosado. In fact, legend has it that they are considered to be "the wines of the people".
Most bodegas in Navarra, located around Olite and south of Pamplona, are very proud of their rosado wines. I first visited this wonderful province in 1998 and was amazed by the top quality local agricultural produce - Navarra is famous for asparagus, lettuce, peppers, as well as the ever-improving wines. We visited Ochoa, Guelbenzu, Chivite, Nekeas and Castillo de Monjardin, amongst others. The people are fantastic and the wines are definitely worth discovering. It was a fabulous experience and I have many fond memories.

  Here are a few recommendations:

  2010 Bodegas Chivite "Gran Feudo" Rosado - 100% Garnacha, fresh, clean, attractive and fragrant strawberries, creamy texture on palate. Easy-drinking style.

  2011 Bodegas Ochoa "Calendos" Rosado - 60% Garnacha, 30% Tempranillo and 10% Merlot, classic Navarran rosado. Well-structured and authentic.

  2011 Bodegas Nekeas "Nekeas Garnacha Rosado" - 50% Garnacha and 50% Cabernet, very well put together, expressive and nicely-balanced. An honest and authentic Navarran rosado.

  Watch out for my next blog article - it will feature a great food and wine pairing and a chat with Carlos Biurrun (winemaker at Bodegas Nekeas).

The epicurean odyssey continues...