We Visit....The SpyGlass, Bristol

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It’s a balmy summer’s evening, one of the first we have had since the harsh winter months. This puts us in the mood for a relaxing evening of chilled wine, bbq food and waterside views. The perfect place to find all of this is the Spyglass Bristol.

Set in the trendy Welshback area, the floating restaurant is nestled amongst a wealth of pubs and bars perfect after a scorcher in the sun.

Opt for a table outside for fantastic views of the twinkling river, boats bobbing up and down with smiling people basking in the all too rare feeling of the late afternoon sun tingling on your face.

The wine arrived, white, cold and crisp. The first sip being the start to the anticipation of the night ahead. The list is categorised by ‘nice’ wine, ‘gert lush’ and ‘proper’ and at £9, the house carafes are pretty easy on the pocket. However, splashing out on a ‘proper’ 2010 Rosado Soliluna for £18.50 would be well worth it.

The menu is based around the laid back bbq concept where if it can be grilled, anything goes.  With a wide selection, ranging from piri-piri chicken to Mediterranean sausages and the traditional burger, to vegetarian options such as Spanish tortilla and a wide range of fish dishes, there’s plenty to choose from.

The lamb kebabs marinated in harissa with cous cous worked perfectly for the bbq and will transport you straight to a spice aroma filled souk in Marrakesh. The harissa was the perfect accompaniment and added just the right amount of heat. Also, the pork ribs are lovingly blanketed with a delicious, deep red honey and barbecue sauce that will make you want to dive straight in with no remorse – hungry lion surrounded by prime zebra comes to mind when looking at the guy at the next table…..anyway, this all comes with a fresh leafy dressed salad and a huge bowl of chips to share.

The prices certainly match the laid back ambiance of the place, both main courses setting us back a mere £7.95 each. This is rare value for money you don’t see often these days.

Not only do they have great food, the setting is in perfect unison with the casual yet refined feel the restaurant has. Peering through the palm trees inside the restaurant, a Caribbean style ‘hut’ bar offering sangria, mojitos and other cocktails. The bright yellow and orange décor giving the illusion of a hot and happy summer’s day even if the English weather is doing it’s usual gloomy rounds.

The staff are equally sunny and smiley, nothing is too much trouble. The food is served as quickly as it is cooked.

The SpyGlass is a gem in Bristol’s harbourside. Value for money, relaxed atmosphere with exceptional food and great views right from the water’s edge.

Like a pina colada served in a coconut shell, it may be a bit cheesy but it makes you smile.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock