Super summer sipping and splashing - The Lido steps up to the plate

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On a long, hot summer’s day there are plenty of things that come to mind – going for a cooling swim, settling outside for a nice, chilled glass of white, having a relaxed spa day. At The Lido in Bristol you can do all three. Well, not at the same time but you get the picture.

The nice, chilled glass of white seemed the most appealing option, so watching other people enjoy a cool off in the pool from the comfort of the restaurant was the order of the day (in a non-budgie smuggler spotting kind of way, of course).image from
The Lido has a soothing, spa-like air as soon as you reach the top of the steps into the light, open dining area. Directly over-looking the pool with outside seating and a small BBQ deck, it’s perfect for summer (you know, that one week of sun a year we get?)

The menu is just as light and equally as mouth-watering. The set menu offers two courses for £16 which judging by the main menu is excellent value. The waiting staff are extremely attentive and friendly and are there for anything you need. They even opened the window for extra comfort, allowing the balmy breeze to drift in and mingle with the delicious smells coming from the kitchen.

When asked which wine would be a good match for the chosen courses, the waitress was more than happy to fetch two samples to try - a Macon Village 2009, Besson £9.50 per glass and La Lande 2011, Collumbarde Comte Tolosan £7.25 per glass. Both excellent choices, but the La Lande just has the edge. The rest of the wine list is pretty impressive; an extensive choice of red, white and rose. The top end of the reds being Volnay 2008, Burgundy at £67.50 a bottle, with the more modest choices ranging from Garnacha Rosado 2010, Carinena at £18.50 a bottle or Mariona Bianco 2010, Alicante at £23 a bottle.image from

The wood roast scallops are a unique and moreish start. The silky scallops nestle prettily in their shells (a nice touch) and are sprinkled with sweet herbs and laced with garlic butter – the only problem being there wasn’t more! This, with the chilled-just-right glass of La Lande and the relaxing splooshing of the swimming pool is lovely. Euw…view ruined by too tight budgie smugglers…ahh but here’s the main course.

The roasted plaice melts in the mouth, with green and yellow beans, cherry tomatoes, parsley and black olives; the perfect, refreshing accompaniments.

It’s rare nowadays to visit a restaurant and not have a thing to complain about, but The Lido seems to have succeeded. It is the perfect place for summer dining, but with it’s ‘relax, even if you’re not using the spa’ atmosphere, who’s to say it won’t be just as nice in Winter.