The Review of a Lifetime - Deutz Champagne

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As a sommelier on a mission I believe in unusual wine, uncommon wine; no big names as there are so many other choices along with my motto: ‘never drink the same wine twice’. Although maybe I am guilty of a little exaggeration, there are some, be them few, wines so good even I will revisit them again and again.

I will tell you a story which I repeat to all my customers. I love tomato soup and I like my tomato soup on Monday, maybe even on Tuesday as well, but I don’t want to eat Tomato soup every day and for me drinking the same wine is like eating the same food.

You wouldn’t wear the same outfit every day; you will have favourites that you prefer but you will consider the weather and the occasion and exactly the same applies to wine choices. Sunny day in garden denotes a very different wine experience to winter by the fire place. Wine enjoyed with food is very different to wine enjoyed just with friends, but much like the favourite dress, we yearn to return to what we love.

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One of my favourite ‘shirts’ to which I constantly find myself returning is the Deutz Champagne Brut NV. I came across this wine several years ago as a curious young sommelier, I was on a mission to choose my champagne by the glass and whilst sampling several of those sparkly, delicious bottles it was the Deutz Brut NV that stood out from the crowd. A masterpiece of balance and depth with a simply sublime finish that creates a long lasting impression. It is the balance that is crucial in a wine and this champagne ticks all the boxes, being not too acidic nor too sweet, the right amount of body with good length and the perfect balance of fruit; the first sip leads to another and another and another and just like that your life becomes redefined.

I 100% agree with the statement of the Deutz producer: that this is a mission of pure passion for champagne and that is passion that drives the men and women in producing these cuvées and it is they who guard the Deutz signature through determination, patience and creativity. Their contribution along with sustainable vineyard techniques and the classic equal blend of the three varieties is crucial to the authentic and generous character of Deutz champagnes.

It is another recommendation to this house that in their statement of passion they recognise the work of both the men and the women, as champagne is traditionally a drink to be enjoyed by both sexes equally.

So let us raise a glass to new discoveries, but also to old favourites that remind us why we fell in love with wine in the first place.



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