A powerful pair from Dona Dominga

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Having been named as the "winery of the year 2010" by Wine and Spirit Magazine USA and described as "Chile's most awarded winery of the 21st Century" by Vitis Magazine (no, me neither) there must be some pedigree behind Dona Dominga. Having been sent two samples of their wines I was therefore keen to try these out.

First up was the Single Vineyard Shiraz 2010 where all of the grapes in the wine come from a small parcel of land in the Colchagua Valley. As expected there's a peppery note on both the nose and palate, nothing surprising there of course. The wine has a slightly plummy and leathery hint on the palate too and almost a hint of smokiness. The flavour isn't too in your face and it's more Rhone than Barossa. It's a pleasant wine without being stunning but at only £7.49 it proves very good value.

Next up was the Sauvignon Blanc / Viognier 2011. It's not a combination that immediately springs to mind as one that would obviously work but it won a bronze medal in the IWC so clearly they've got something right. Unless of course the category was for Chilean Sauvignon / Viognier blends in which case the award should probably be taken with a pinch of salt. I'm sure that's not the case mind but I haven't got the inclination to research it either..... At £7.11 (!) in Waitrose  this wine is again competitively priced, particulary for hand harvested grapes from some decent vineyards. This wine is really very fruity on the nose with lots of scents of apples, citrus fruits and peaches leaping out of the glass. Despite being only 15% Viognier it does seem to have had an effect on the wine. The usual bracing acidity of Sauvignon has been replaced with the rounder and deeper peach notes you'd expect from Viognier. The wine isn't devoid of acidity though and it remains refreshing. At only a shade over £7 this is a good wine, particulary if you're bored of Sauvignon but not bored enough to give it up all together.

My only reservation is the labels. I'm not a fan at all and do think they look a bit cheap. Given the price and quality of the wines however I'll let them of this time....


Vineyard image via Shutterstock.