A modern day Rioja from Beronia

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image from shutterstock

Beronia Tempranillo 2010 (Rioja, Spain)

I'm always a little reluctant when I open a Rioja I don't know well. I sometimes find some Rioja a little too diluted to be of any interest, yet on the flip side I have a reliable list of "go to" Riojas that I know will never let me down. It's not a particularly maverick way to drink Rioja but it's always stood me in good stead. 

So when I received a press release for this wine describing it as an innovative wine made from a modern approach I was naturally intrigued. They didn't expressly say it wasn't a diluted and watery example of Rioja but what did I have to lose....

I'm not normally a fan of including geeky technical wine details in my reviews but it's important here given it's a "special" process... Essentially it involves the winery macerating the grapes in vats to obtain maximum extraction of both colour and tannin. 36 hours later the liquid is drained into American oak barrels to undergo fermentation. Clear?...

I've had Riojas before where the winery has clearly tried to push the limits of taste and to be honest, they've tasted like they've had a vanilla Magic Tree in the bottle for a few years. Thankfully this treads the maximum extraction line very well. The nose is unmistakably oaky but not obtrusively. The palate clearly shows hints of oak and vanilla and a smattering of red fruit notes. To be honest it's a good, reassuring Rioja. Perfect really for the onset ot Autumn and not bad value at £11.99 from Ocado.

Vineyard image via Shutterstock.