A Mano - Fiano/Greco 2011 - An Italian summer glugger

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Italian reds are much better than Italian whites. I don't think that's even a controversial thing to say these days.... I've made frequent efforts over the years to really love Italian whites but I soon give up and scoot on back over to my other white loves from Australia, France, New Zealand and the other usual suspects. There are some stunning Italian whites out there but they are much harder to find than the whites of their main vinous competitors.

Every now and then though I come across an Italian white which does really make me stand up and take notice which is exactly what happened with the A Mano Fiano/Greco 2011. I'll be honest, my expectations were pretty low on opening. The "Italian white" alarm bell was sounding in my head but refusing to be deterred I approached the glass with an open mind. Fiano seemed to be being talked up a few years ago as the potential next trendy Italian white grape but this all seems to have died down again now. Perhaps the 15% Greco in this wine gives the Fiano that little helping hand to be a little more expressive.

My first reaction was how aromatic this wine is. It has real Torrontes like characters on the nose with pear flavours leaping out of the glass. I nearly had to check the label to make sure I hadn't plucked something completely different out of the fridge. It has happened before and it makes for a very confused tasting note.... With time in the glass a slight custard scent develops but it really works! On the palate this wine is full of citrus and tropical notes with a slightly waxy mouthfeel. I also like that it feels ever so slightly rough around the edges. It doesn't drink like a wine that's been polished to death and has lost its character.

At only £9.10 this is a good value wine and makes an excellent summer glugger. If you're looking for something different or just want to impress someone with a slightly left field wine choice then this will do the job very nicely indeed. The fact that it's from Puglia, a lovely part of Italy but far from an obvious pick of Italian wine region, makes this even more of a thinking man's choice.