Jean Luc Colombo - Cotes Du Rhone (Le Vent) 2011

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I recently reviewed a selection of Jean Luc Colombo's legendary red wines and having done so received an email from the PR's for the great man himself asking if I'd like to try one of his whites. Not being one to turn down a wine reviewing opportunity I agreed.

I was impressed with the reds and you can read what I thought of them here: I will confess however to not being an enormous lover of Rhone whites. I've not really made much of an effort to become a lover of them either to be fair. When it comes to the wines from the Rhone it's the reds I know and love.

I'm always keen to discover new vinous treats however so I settled down to try this with a very open mind. Being a blend of Rousanne and Clairette this is an interesting wine. There's a very noticeable (to me at least) pineapple scent which I wasn't expecting but certainly adds a good dimension to the wine. The palate itself is more nutty with slight hints of citrus and apple. I'd recommend having this with a pork dish as it's quite a chunky white which would definitely sit well alongside food. It's certainly more a food wine than a "sofa wine".   

Ultimately, I'm all for people stepping out of their wine comfort zone. If you're a lover of Rhone reds and fancy a walk on the white side then this comes heartily recommended. Pop this alongside a simple pork dish and you have the makings of a good meal indeed....