eVines wine review: Don't judge a wine by it's label - this is Buitenverwachtig brilliant!

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It's not often you take your first smell of a wine and think, "School pencil case"! But, that's exactly what happened here. It's lucky it had a memorable first smell as I was by that point already a little dismayed by what is without doubt one of the worst wine labels I've seen on a New World Wine for a long time indeed.

You may already have read my recent wine labels based rant, but if you haven't you can do so here. It looks like something you'd expect to find in the corner shop. It does of course prove that in some cases the label quality has absolutely nothing to do win the quality of the wine, as this is excellent.

Buitenverwachtig are based in Constantia, one of the most beautiful wine regions I visited in South Africa last year. It's an absolutely idyllic place and well worth a visit if you find yourself in that part of the World. The vineyard formed part of the original Constantia Estate which has since been divided into various smaller vineyards. Buitenverwachtig planted 90,000 vines in 1825 and have been on the up since then.

It's very easy to label good New World Cabernet / Merlot blend as being "Bordeaux beaters" but to some extent if they take on the classic Bordeaux blend then that must be what they are trying to achieve. For the price this is a Bordeaux beater. No question about it. From the pencil case aroma to the complex blackcurrant, leather and tobacco flavours this is a bit of steal for under a tenner. To be honest though, I'd be happy to pay another pound for them to re-design the blinking label....

Image via Shutterstock. Wine available from this very website right here.