De Morgenzon Reserve Chenin Blanc 2010 - Stellenbosch, SA

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It would probably be fair to say that Chenin Blanc isn't exactly loved here in the UK. I'm not entirely sure why. Perhaps the British wine buying public only have space for one "Blanc" in their hearts. Perhaps it's just that it sits between too many well established wine styles such as Chardonnay and Riesling to really make it as its own style. Maybe people just don't rate South African wine.

I suspect that the first two theories above are the most likely reasons. South African wines certainly seem to be increasing in popularity in the UK all the whilst remaining far less popular than other Southern Hemisphere imports. The range in places like Majestic has certainly been on the up over the past few years.

Having honeymooned in South Africa last year I still feel something of a loyalty to its wines. We had some excellent Chenins whilst we were there and it's a wine I'm always keen to try when the opportunity presents itself.

I've admired De Morgenzon's wines for a while and had one of their Chenins over a boozy meal in Camps Bay (I forget the label and vintage sadly). The De Morgenzon Reserve Chenin 2010 though isn't a wine I'll forget quite so easily. It's a very expressive wine, starting out perhaps a little tight albeit with good apple flavours and a smoky edge. It then opens out becoming almost creamy and buttery with time in the glass. If more SA Chenins were like this the popularity of the wine here in the UK would be far higher.

Admittedly this is a relatively lofty label and at around £17 retail (£16.99 in Majestic) it sits apart from entry level Chenin prices. If you've had cheaper Chenins in the past and not exactly loved them I'd encourage you to try this wine. I'd be surprised if you don't love it and it is in my view worth the money.