Recipes & Pairings

Blue Cheese Ice cream cheesecake

To say this is controversial is an understatement. If you give this to people without telling them what it is, even blue cheese haters, everybody likes it. "Ooh that's lovely but there's something distinctive about it" tends to be the reaction.

Beef Tataki

This dish is incredibly moreish. The great asian mix of hot, sweet, sour and salty make it irresistable. You need a good even sized cut of fillet for this dish, equally it would work with Tuna but only marinade for an hour or two. Serves two heartily.

Beef Rendang with Asian Salad

I have to say, Beef Rendang is my favourite Thai/Malaysian curry. I also believe it’s the easiest to make. Just a few ingredients blended together, slowly cooked in coconut milk and a humble piece of beef becomes something to die for. Never again will we be having a boring beef casserole!

Hadoock Kedgeree with a twist

This is a slightly different take on traditional kedgeree, it has the same basic principles but with a few tweaks. And seeing as we’re tweaking things here, I’d say you could serve this at any time of the day, after all, why should kedgeree be reserved only for breakfast?

South Indian Fish Curry

This is a versatile curry sauce that would go well with chicken, fish or prawns.