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Season's eatings - Apricot and Thyme Tart

July is the month the French celebrate the storming of the Bastille, chopping people’s heads off and disposing of royalty – not something this country, with our recent royal overload is likely to give un petit soupcon about; however it is also the month that sweet, fragrant apricots make their wa

Guinea Fowl, Morel Sauce and Tarragon Gnocchi

This looks quite a straight forward dish, which it is, if you plan ahead. There are two main parts that make this stand out from the crowd. Firstly a homemade chicken stock and fresh gnocchi need to be made.

Lamb loin with a green peppercorn sauce

 1.    Lay the parma ham slices side by side to make a rectangle big enough to fit the loin, then place the loin onto the ham. Make a paste of mustard and anchovy, then smear this in a line next to the loin. Season with pepper and roll up to make a parcel.

Chilli and Cornbread

Like spag bol, I assume everyone has their “own” chilli recipe. I tend to like Heston’s theories on most things, but he tends to take everything too far. Like he did with a humble chilli. I do find some strokes of genius from him though, and have adapted the recipe to my style.

Chicken Ballotine

I had read about salt baked celeriac and was tempted, but like a lot of things in life it was a tad laborious making a salt crust with loads of salt, herbs, egg whites. Then I stumbled across a piece in The Independent which gave me a much more simple idea with excellent results.