Recipes & Pairings

Warm and spicy Beef Noodle Soup

1. Boil a litre of water and put it in a pan with the beef stock cubes. Make sure they are dissolved properly and then add the garlic clove (make a few slashes in the side of it but keep the skin on), the ginger and the star anise. Keep warm on a medium-low heat and let the flavours infuse.

Lemon Moroccan Chicken with Crushed Jersey Royals

This recipe came about from having the idea of a lemon chicken dish. I have made a version before that includes poaching the chicken in a sweet lemon stock.

Aubergine Mozzarella salad

This tastes delightful and is so simple to make, but scores lots of brownie points. I’ll try it with a burrata another day and report back.

Japanese Style Fillet Steak

Difficulty 4/5

I thought how could I have my standard beef fillet but make it interesting. The answer lay in my Japanese spices and flavourings. Served here with a pumpkin korroke, wasabi butter and harusame sauce.
You can replace peas with Edamame beans if you can find them.