Recipes & Pairings

Eggs Benedict

The origins of this dish vary. The story I like is a very wealthy banker on Wall Street named Lemuel Benedict, walked into The Waldorf Hotel asking for some toast, eggs, bacon and sauce to cure his hangover.

Clam, Fennel and Pancetta Linguine

Man has long understood the mystical qualities of matching the flesh of the land with the flesh of the sea – the sweet lightness of seafood lifting up the heavy, eath bound produce.

Monkfish, Chorizo lentils and an Asparagus Foam.

This dish is one of my favourites. Monkfish is a superb fish, it's just a shame its rise in popularity has been directly proportional to its price. I also love lentils, the only place most of us ever eat them is while having a curry.

3 Ways with Mushrooms

This dish came about from the fact we had devoured a 40oz T-Bone steak the night before. Even I was looking forward to a meat free meal for the first time in a while. My bread making skills are OK, but I'd always wanted to have a go at making brioches.

Aged Sirloin with Celeriac Remoulade.

This dish is made special from elevating each individual basic ingredient. Celeriac is a much under used vegetable in Britain, but it is a gem. It has a slight nutty/earthy flavour to it with the texture similar to parsnips.