Recipes & Pairings

Gazpacho O'Clock

This is a quick and simple recipe from my own repertoire, which I love preparing from time to time, especially in warm weather. It takes no more than 30 minutes to prepare this 'classic' gazpacho and it makes for a tasty, refreshing soup for a lunchtime snack or appetiser. Normally, I would serve it at the beginning as as tapas course as part of a meal. Moreover, you can make it as spicy as you wish to suit your own taste buds and use different types of tomatoes - whichever are your favourite preferences. You could also vary the main ingredient and use beetroot or cucumber instead. Your opportunity to get creative and make the recipe your own. This chilled soup is absolutely perfect for summer picnics too and can be stored and transported in thermos flasks.

Please note - once made, I always keep my gazpacho batch in a sealed container in my fridge. It should keep up to a week and you can just blitz it up in your blender whenever required.

Venison and Chocolate Sauce.

Venison used to be kept only for the aristocracy. It was reward for their fine hunting expeditions along with all the game birds they could also kill. Venison is an incredibly lean meat. It's hard to find a part of it that carries fat.

Exclusive sauvignon cocktail from Boudoir wine bar: Boudoir cooler

This refreshingly delicious summer cocktail comes to you exclusively from Darren Scott at Boudoir wine bar, Glasgow.

Wagamama Exclusive: Chicken Ramen soup

This fresh, light and simple to prepare dish comes to you straight from the kitchens of Wagamama - the Japanese noodle bar inspired restaurant group who have quickly developed a reputation for their fresh and delicious food and great service in a minimalist

Paprika Crusted Cod with Imam Bayildi

If you have never heard of Imam Bayildi don't be surprised. I would class myself as having a good knowledge of food, but this, when I found it was new to me. It is just another aubergine stew in its basic form.