Recipes & Pairings

Sea Bass with a Coconut Sauce and Curried Cauliflower Puree.

This dish carries a lot of flavours through the dish. Coconut being the dominant factor. The coconut sauce is quite simply any old curry paste, whether it be Indian or Thai, some coconut milk and a little stock. The remainder of the coconut milk is used to make coconut rice.

Duck Tagine

I am not sure the purist would call this a tagine as it is only served in one rather than cooked in one. I tought it would make a tagine a bit more interesting and visually better if you wanted to serve at a dinner party.

Ananda restaurant exclusive: Lahsooni Machhi & Kofta

Monkfish tail marinated with purple garlic, kasundi mustard & yoghurt with roasted tomato and squid ink & chilli mayo 

Clean the fish and cut into chunk of 200g each

Make a first marination by using all the listed ingredients above in a blender to a fine paste.

The Ledbury exclusive: Barley and Squid Ink Cracker with Smoked Turbot Roe

This cosmopolitan canape recipe comes to you from Brett Graham, head chef at The Ledbury.

Beetroot Cured Salmon with Potato Cakes

This dish has become a staple in my household. Everytime a side of salmon is on offer at the supermarket, it will be waltzed home and cured over the next 24-48 hours. It is so simple to make, with a few variations to tailor to your liking.