Beef Rendang with Asian Salad

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serves 4

I have to say, Beef Rendang is my favourite Thai/Malaysian curry. I also believe it’s the easiest to make. Just a few ingredients blended together, slowly cooked in coconut milk and a humble piece of beef becomes something to die for. Never again will we be having a boring beef casserole!

Difficulty 1/5

1. Bash the lemongrass up and whizz together with all the other ingredients until they make a paste. If it’s dry, add a splash of water to make the paste, otherwise the sauce will end up bitty.

2. Fry paste in 1tbsp oil until all the aromas come off, add the beef and brown as best you can. Then add the liquids, star anise and lime leaves. Add 1 teaspoon of the other ingredients and taste. Adjust the taste to your liking with the remaining seasonings. Place a lid on the curry and put in an oven at 140c for two hours.

3. For the salad, mix the dressing ingredients together, pour over salad just before serving up the curry.
When serving I toasted a couple of spoonfuls of desiccated coconut and sprinkled on the curry. This gives it a great crunch adding another dimension.

These wines have been chosen to match perfectly with this recipe:

Adobe Gewürztraminer - The nose shows high jasmine tea notes and white roses with a touch of lychee. On the palate there are bright floral and mineral nuances with a lingeringly spicy and exotic finish.

Wild Earth Central Otago Riesling 2009 - Perfumes of white flowers such as jasmine and orange blossom, red apples and lemon meringue pie. On the palate, this wine has flavours of nectarines, apricots, red apples and lemon, showing a touch of sweetness, bright acidity and a lingering finish. The natural sweetness is well-balanced with natural acidity to give a clean and fresh finish.#

Turckheim Tradition Pinot Blanc - This wine has a perfumed nose with hints of peaches and citrus and a steely backbone that carries through on the palate. Faint spice and crisp finish to balance.

 Omrah Cabernet Merlot 2008 - Plummy, mulberry, blackberry notes, a pinch of tarragon and thyme, along with a whisker of vanilla derived from its time in oak. The cooler growing conditions enhanced varietal definition. Generously proportioned with smooth, finely polished tannins, balanced acidity and lively flavours that are the hallmark of the variety.


Curry Paste: 
2 Stalks Lemongrass
3 large shallots
1/2 bunch coriander (inc roots)
1hp tsp ginger and garlic
1 chilli
1 tsp coriander, turmeric, cumin.

500g beef cubed
250ml coconut milk
150ml beef stock,
3 lime leaves
1 star anise

1 Tbsp of tamarind paste, lime juice, palm sugar, fish sauce.

Asian Salad: 
100g shredded cabbage
50g beansprouts
1/2 pepper sliced
50g pea shoots (or green leaf)
handful of chopped nuts

1 tbsp fishsauce, soy sauce, juice of a lime
1 tsp palm sugar

a touch of tamarind.
Tsp sesame oil.

Rice to serve.