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Something New on New Street

The more places to buy wine, the better! As of September 12, Londoners will have a new destination to peruse, sample and shop – the New Street Wine Shop.

Beautiful blushes of the Navarra region

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I'm particularly passionate about the wines of Navarra in Northern Spain. If you read my previous evines blog post, then I'm sure that you'll appreciate this. For me, this neighbouring region to the more famous and popular Rioja, amongst others, produces top quality wines that just deserve to be discovered.

An Interview with Hausbar, Bristol

Isn't it peculiar that we will go to a lot of effort to enjoy good food. Travelling all over the country to visit either celebrity chef's establishments or those all conquering Michelin star venues.
The price often irrelevant as long as it is up to a good standard. Yet we never seem to do the same in order to experience top quality drinks in plush surroundings, which are always going to lend themselves to a much more amiable and effervesent atmosphere too.

Tantrums and trophies at the 2012 Decanter awards

Three of the world’s largest international wine competitions are held in the UK and across the year the wine calendar is divided into a delirium of sample sending, extreme tasting, result announcing and the grand finale of award dinners where the ‘super’ trophies are revealed.