Yealands Estate Vineyards

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The label on Yealands Estate Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc says prominently its Carbon Zero and that your drink is a certified product. This is the wine from the New Zealand vine entrepreneur Peter Yealands. His vineyards are extensive too.

Before jumping to conclusions we wonder about verifying this environmental claim as I am so suspicious about the rabid expansion of green washing and often wonder who checks! Dud claims are just as insulting as a poor bottle of burgundy carrying AC Bourgogne labels as though it must be good, and supported by some faceless bureaucrat body. It must stack up.

Well it’s very apparent how extensive Peter Yealands’s green cred really is. Here he is (pictured) leaning on his bales of vine prunings. Really, rolled up and wound for use later.

European brand manager Megan Watts tells me “we harvest and bale up approximately ten percent of our pruning’s, dry or season them for 6 months before using them as fuel in our specialised pallet burners. The boilers are used to burn the prunings for heating waters and glycol in the winery to heat and cool our wines, reducing our need for gas during vintage. The remaining prunings are mulched back into the soil.” I suspect that Yealands has his carbon balances very carefully calculated, and the demands from non-renewable power sources will continue to decline. That’s the culture of this organisation. 

For quite some time Peter Yealands has been a significant owner and producer of grapes-and a lot of Sauvignon Blanc from destination Marlborough. The locals know him as a quiet achiever. Three years ago he took the decision to make wine branded after himself, and he is a very understated, humble bloke. Not the egotist.

So there we have it-Yealands Wines are now significant kiwi players, the wines very good.