An interview with Bread Street Kitchen: Gordon Ramsay's latest London venture is funking great.

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Bread Street Kitchen is a lively and exciting restaurant and bar from the team at Gordon Ramsay Restaurants.
They have created a relaxed dining experience set in a large warehouse style space, located in East London near to St.Paul’s cathedral.image from

The buzzing atmosphere and funky interior is matched with the unique and modern menu, with dishes created in the raw bar, wood-burning oven and lively open kitchen.

We have spoken to head chef Erion Karaj who helps create this round the clock dining experience, on food trends, wine matches and Gordon popping in.

What is your favourite dish to cook on the menu currently?
Generally I most love cooking with what is in season, but in addition to this I have a real love of our Roasted saddle of lamb, olive oil mush, peas, broad beans, wet garlic, and lamb juis.

What do you like to cook at home that you don’t make at the restaurant? Usually at home I cook Mushroom Risotto; it is one of my favourite Italian dishes.

What sparked your interest in becoming a chef? Who in your opinion is currently cooking the best?
I have been passionate about food for as long as I can remember. Simon Rogan has been an inspiration for me; he is a truly great British chef.

What trends do you see emerging in the food industry right now?
Local ingredients and simplicity – not so much a new trend, rather an on-going one, but it is none the less fantastic to see this spread further.

Do you have any disaster stories throughout your career as a chef that you can share with us?
I am really lucky to say no, so far there are no disasters on my record but being in the kitchen is a dangerous place!

How does Bread Street Kitchen source the best possible ingredients?
We have amazing suppliers; we use suppliers who use the highest quality locally sourced ingredients. We communicate with them on a daily basis and we always check the produce coming into the kitchen.

The restaurant has funky interior, a buzzing open kitchen and is in a great location near St.Pauls cathedral – what are the best aspects of working at this restaurant?
The atmosphere is very exciting, I really enjoy the open kitchen which allow to interact directly with the customers.

Does Gordon make regular appearances in the kitchen?
Yes, Gordon comes quite often.

With the rise in social media, how important a tool do you think it is in the food industry / for building an image?
Social media is becoming fundamental in the food industry it is a great way to communicate with customers and showcase the new and exciting things we are coming up with. It is a great feeling when our diners share their experience with us and let us know what they thought.

In your opinion, what is the best food and wine match on the menu?
I particularly like the pork belly with Chardonnay, Kumeu River.

Do you use any particular wine in any of your dishes?
What wine I use depends on the dish, I don’t have any set rules with the particular wine however it is very important that it is high quality, light wine which compliments the flavours in the dish.

Where do you tend to buy wine for yourself at home?
I don’t have a regular store but whenever I find a good bottle I go for it.

Have you come across any unusual food and wine matches?
Chocolate tart and salt caramel ice-cream with Maury (fortified red from south west of France)

What audience does the restaurant cater for?
Bread Street Kitchen attracts a lot of different people. During the week we tend to get a lot of the City crowd and on weekend there is an increase in families and tourists during the day and at night we tend to get a trendy Shoreditch crowd in.

If you weren’t in the food industry, where do you think you would be?
Life is unpredictable but I honestly couldn’t picture myself in any other industry, I love my job.