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Breaking the rules of food and wine pairing

When it comes to pairings, rules are to be frayed, stretched and at times, broken.

Drink Stereotypes: Is Pinot Grigio Chavvy Chic?

Pinot Grigio has long upheld the stereotype as the wine of choice for the uneducated masses, but how accurate is this? It would seem that this is a sentiment shared by many. However, could this simply be because those of us who cannot be considered connoisseurs would naturally opt for a wine they feel familiar with and a wine that is universally drinkable, across borders and classes?

We look at D'Arenberg Winemakers - Australia

Chester Osborn did not need to collect a recent Wine Intelligence 10 for 10 Business Award to attract global attention.

This golden locked, laconic and worldly Aussie has been spraying wine drinkers with drinking gems and ditties for a couple of decades. Sounds like the right people are now listening.

Come on in lads, the rose's lovely

It's difficult to get my friends to move away from huge, full bodied Reds to delicate, elegant Whites, let alone Rosé wines. Unfortunately, there have been a great many awful Rosés flooding the market recently. They are sold by nightclubs and bars because the prices are always very keen. But, this is not what you want to be drinking guys!

Make the Wine the Occasion

Wine by its very nature is something often used to celebrate an occasion. A good bottle of wine is the perfect thing to consume when moods are high and a toast is needed. The Champagne industry is pretty much reliant on Champagne being seen as the only suitable drink for any special occasion. I'm as much a follower of this tradition as the next man, so I very quickly reached for a bottle of Dom Perignon 2000 when my wife's 30th birthday arrived and perfect for the occasion it was too.