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Burgundy, Why so complicated?

When it comes to French wine Bordeaux is Bordeaux and the Loire is the Loire, however Bourgogne (Burgundy) wine suffers from some what of an identity crisis, complicated by the many labels it has. There are 100 different appellations or delineated zones of production in Burgundy: 33 Grand Crus (the top of the wine quality pyramid), 44 village designations and 23 regional designations.

Best of British wine blogs

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Web-logs.  I remember when they first came along back in the late 90’s, early 00’s. At that time newly coined portmanteau seemed to spread across the web like an allergic reaction to poison oak on my legs.

Must-Follow UK Wine People on Twitter

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Everyone knows what Twitter is. Even if you don’t use it, over the past 6 years it has been such a huge force in the online world you would be hard pushed to miss it.

Wines that rock - novelty, or new experience?

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When it comes to the world of wine, there are quite a few gimmicks to be found; funny names, unusual labels for example. How about wines that rock? Rock ‘n’ Roll and wine coming together. Surely you would associate Jack Daniels or the like with this world of riffs and debauchery, but music and wine have a deeper connection.

Are Corks Screwed...?

Are Corks Screwed?

Unless you're particularly unattentive, you've noticed that more and more wines are being closed under screw cap, or Stelvin as they're known by brand name in the industry.  Does that mean corks and corkscrews are fast becoming as antiquated as land-lines and home phones in a cellular world?  I'd venture to say no, but change is definitely in the bottling lines around the world.