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Britain's most inspirational celebrity chefs

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So, in this mishmash of pop and trash that make our modern world the maddening joy it is, we regular folk have succumbed to some rather tedious addictions that border on being sad afflictions: Top (pick any number & any topic) Lists and the cult of Celebrity. 

The UK's most influential wine critics

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In the large market of wine there is so much to choose from it can be down- right confusing. Where do we start? What do we buy and how do we know if it’s any good? Do we follow our own judgement or listen to someone who actually knows what they’re talking about?

In the pink....rosé versus the rest

There’s something about rosé wine that divides wine lovers everywhere. It’s a marmite of the wine world because at one end of the scale you’ve got the casual wine drinkers who love it and on the other end some hard-core wine enthusiasts who are more than a little snobbish about it.

Ten the magic number?

Wine is everywhere. You can find it at Tesco, Waitrose, Odd Bins, and just about a million places online. But how much damage will a bottle of something a bit more than just plain old plonk do to a wallet? Well, it mostly depends on one’s palate and the number of £’s you’re willing and able to shed. If you are Sir Richard (choose your Dick) then four £100 pound portraits of the queen for a bottle of some super wine is more than okay, it’s fine. That’s all well and good, but what about taste? I may find a particular wine rather sublime while it’s not something you savour.

Buying wine at … Eat.

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The first part of a series in which our bold correspondent Old Parn attempts to buy wine in various more or less challenging venues…
Eat. A chain that defines itself with a single, blunt verb. And a full stop.
So what does an intrepid wino do at Eat? He attempts to Drink.