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Techniques revealed to become a 'One minute wine master'

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 If you are having a dinner party this weekend or have a date you are trying to impress, you might want to brush up on your wine knowledge, fast. What wine goes with this food? Will this wine be too dry or perfumed?
You might be thinking there’s no chance, you’re stuffed. Believe it or not, there’s theories out there to say you can become a master of vino in just one minute. We’ve found the book to prove it.

10 of the UK's best independent restaurants

I not a list obsessed kind of guy. In fact, not sure how it happened, but creating lists of top this and that seems to be my calling, and now that the weather will soon be cooling and the Olympics have left the country, I felt it was time for a list of restaurants that are worthy of a road trip.

Top 25 food blogs in the UK

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There are many people out there with a love of writing. There are also many with a love of food. With a rise in popularity of social media and the food world, there are now more people than ever combining their two passions and writing food blogs.

The UK's 10 best wine bars

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We live in a time of plenty, and even in these economic doldrums, seems new wine bars are spreading like a rash as everyone runs about in pursuit of booze-fueled cash.

Top 10 UK restaurant groups to delight the senses

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 If you have even the tiniest morsel of restaurant connoisseur in you, when you think of chain restaurants it will conjure up images of average food, lacklustre atmosphere and you will expect nothing new. We are faster becoming more snobby about the places we choose to eat, favouring the new boutique bistro down the road that only use organic, local produce over your nearest chain variety.