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Bernard Klem's new book, 'How to talk about wine' - an exclusive online extract

In this extract from 'How to talk about wine' - the handy pocket guide (written by Bernard Klem, published by Sterling publishing) tells you everything there is to know about wine in easy 10 minute sections.

In the first in an exclusive online series, here is a segment on making your own wine at home. 

The Unpronounceables: Episode ll

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Since the rise of Cheryl Cole and Lord Sugar, popularity of the Queen's English has been replaced by all things Geordie and East End. The rise in interest of regionality has transferred to food too; from the Cumberland sausage to the Cornish pasty and in drink form for London gin, Plymouth gin and beers like Bear Town brewery ale.

10 of the best cocktail bars in Britain

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Dark and moody, slick and sophisticated, luxurious and lavish. No, we’re not talking about the choice (or wish-list) of potential partners propping up the bar on a Friday night, we’re talking about the ever expanding selection of cocktail bars in the UK.

The techniques of Sous-Vide Cooking

So what exactly is Sous-Vide? It is a revolutionary cooking method that is coming to your kitchen.
In a nutshell, it lets you heat food to an exact temperature in what is essentially a water-bath, with no risk of overcooking. This has the advantage of perfect and consistent results, which in high-end restaurants is their holy grail. It is used mainly to cook meat.

'Waiter! I'd like the...um...' House and Home tell us 'how to do it' when ordering wine

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Written by Emily Meddings

Ordering wine at a restaurant can be a daunting experience, there seems to be a certain ritual one must be part of in order to order. This procedure, when oblivious to the rules, can be intimidating. However, if you’re privy to the fundamentals, it’s really rather straightforward.