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Less Fizz, More Sparkle

My Nana is 95 and she loves a drink, years of routine has her body clock set for a tipple at 6pm every day. She has varied her favourites over the years, sherry, rum and coke, brandy on ice, but as far as aperitifs go she’s never enjoyed sparkling wine. It’s just too bubbly.

When Plonk Just Won't Do....

We’ve just moved house and we’re surrounded by boxes. Importantly I’ve found all the wine but I have yet to locate the kitchen knives.... In a moment of enthusiasm, before the site of cardboard made our stomachs churn, we decided less than two weeks after the move to host a joint house warming and birthday BBQ. As the mountain of boxes is still hip high I’m rather wishing we hadn’t. 

Wine: The imbibition so fine

What is it about wine that drives us not simply just to drink, but upon its vagaries to both pontificate and think?  Men and women, from all around the globe, discuss its wonders and of if its mysterious nature do probe. Tempers flare, and hearts melt, yet at the center is the beverage; wine, vin, wein, wijn, vino or vine. No matter how said or spelt, the passions and opinions this libation brings to being are always felt.  Wine has held its much vaunted place in our pantheon of preferred pleasures for thousands of years.