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Everyone knows what Twitter is. Even if you don’t use it, over the past 6 years it has been such a huge force in the online world you would be hard pushed to miss it.

It is a tool that everyone all over the world can use to express their thoughts at any given time using one simple sentence. Believe it or not, this one sentence style has turned out to be the perfect way for wine bloggers and writers to tweet away their thoughts and share their wisdom and knowledge. You can search for the phrase ‘quality wine’ and gain a whole list of tweets containing that specific information, without having to sift through people talking about holidays or the weather.
Wine writer Peter Scudamore-Smith talks about Twitter as being very direct and capable of a very big audience. He says, 'If the tweets are clever and humourous, people listen as it's part entertainment. Also, it's great for breaking news - if you have the first bottle of a wine released in UK, then worth a tweet'.image from shutterstock

Once established, you can then gain a dedicated network of followers who all can sit down at their laptops, drinking the same wine as you are – thus creating an online tasting group! Twitter is one large open space full of people all throwing in their opinions, a bit like standing at the bar. Similar to planting vines in a vineyard, you start off small and eventually your contacts start to grow and grow and these can then feed from one another, creating online spaces for learning and talking about wine.

Being as there is so much information on wine on Twitter, it seems the easy way to learn more about it. It’s like little bites of knowledge for you to take on and search for more - an easily digestible wine workshop. Wine blogger Belinda 'Miss Bouquet' says, 'Twitter is great for wine fans because it opens up the conversation and exposes users to wines and wine trends that they might not have otherwise come across'. You can gain information from a mix of professionals, wineries and other people in the business, plus people not in the industry at all who are just passionate about wine.image from shutterstock

Foodie blogger Sarah Nosh of ‘North West Nosh’ says, ‘Twitter is great for people who want to learn about wine as it puts you in touch with the experts, easily and without the nervousness that comes with walking in to a wine shop. You can get real time advice and handy hints and tips - plus where to find the right deals (we all love a bargain!).’

Being as there is absolutely no shortage of wino writers out there, it’s easy to navigate around the many subjects you can find on Twitter - from wine tastings to discovering different varieties. Talking to other enthusiasts about anything from new varieties to tasting notes can enhance the whole experience of wine drinking. Who would have thought wine and social media went together.

Here is a list of 25 of our favourite wine-related Twitter users - we love them and think you will too...

1. @JancisRobinson - Jancis Robinson tweets about wine books, wine news, how to work in wine, wine scams. She is a world renowned Master of wine tweeting her tasting notes.

2. @wine90 – Italian Wine Fan has plenty of followers on their amusing page. They are a wine writer, seller, taster, fan of Italian Wine.

3. @winematcher – Fiona Beckett is a Guardian wine columnist, multiple blogger and is contributing to Decanter magazine. Her alter-ego wine matcher sees her musing about her favourite wines and sharing her knowledge.

4. @timatkin – Tim Atkin is an award-winning Master of Wine, journalist, presenter, wine judge and photographer, plus Saturday Kitchen regular. He also tweet about books, films, sport and music.

5. @jollyolly – Olly Smith is a uniquely enthusiastic British TV presenter, wine expert, foodie and writer. His tweets are praised for being informative and funny for lovers of wine and food.

6. @oliverthring – Oliver Thring is in his words a writer. Often on food, often for the guardian. A good blogger with lots of dedicated twitter foodie followers.

7. @jamiegoode - Jamie Goode is a London-based winewriter who is currently wine columnist with UK national newspaper The Sunday Express. His tweets include great wine write ups and other bits of wisdom.

8. @nealmartin – Neal Martin is a UK wine writer for Robert Parker and contributor to Wine-Journal on Almost 10,000 wine enthusiast follow his thoughts on twitter.

9. @VickyWine – Miss Vicky Wine started her love affair with wine after her Father opened his own vineyard. This lead to her growing up a wine adventurer and travelling the world. She now has three of her own wines.

10. @winepages – Tom Cannavan is a wine writer, broadcaster and publisher/editor of He is also founder of and he tweets his tasting notes, new wine discoveries and much more.

11. @robertjoseph – Robert Jospeh (the wine thinker) a British wine expert and writer now tweets away his thoughts and knowledge to lots of dedicated followers.

12. @antrose33 – Anthoy Rose is a feather ruffler who has very independent views. He loves talking about wine on Twitter and on his website too.

13. @MatthewSJukes – Matthew S Jukes is a wine writer who loves to talk via Twitter. He also has a website but catch the juicy bits that he tweets.

14. @winecast –Wine Cast is a wine blog and podcast featuring wine talk, education and recommendations. Very poular.

15. @planetvictoria – Victoria Moore likes to drink wine, and write about it. Mostly for The Guardian and Olive magazine.

16. @newbordeaux – Jane Anson is a writer for Decanter magazine who is based in Bordeaux. View her wine related thoughts via Twitter.

17. @ozclarke – Surely everyone knows Oz? He is a leading wine expert who prides himself on his accessible, no-nonsense approach. Find out everything happening in Oz's world on his Twitter.

18. @Bibendumwine – Bibendum wine aim to take the mystery out of enjoying wine and simplify it. Enjoy what they’re tweeting about it!

19. @Richardhemming – Richard Hemming writes for Jancis, Sainsbury’s magazine and other places. He is an MW student with lots of wine related tweets and some off-topic things too.

20. @wineschools – Susie and Peter of ‘Saturday Kitchen’ fame amongst other things chat online via their tweets and share their vast wine knowledge.

21. @woodswine – Simon Woods is a ‘wine inspirer’. He says his job is to get people enthusiastic about fermented grape juice, through writing, speaking, videos, whatever. It's not a bad job at all....

22. @WineTravel – Wink Lorch is a wine writer, educator and editor. Specialist in Jura and Savoie. She loves wine, food and travel.

23. @thirstforwine – Robert McIntosh loves talking about wine and marketing, especially the interesting stuff happening with wine online to help us share it.

24. @thewinemaestro - Brett Jones is involved in wine education, tastings, consultation, advice, wine club and wine tourism. Also he has an oblique and eclectic approach to life and the universe...

25. @mattwallswine – Matt Walls is a freelance wine writer, consultant and blogger, and author of Drink Me! He tells you how to choose, taste and enjoy wine. Most tweets on wine, random other stuff too.

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