Liquid Paper: A better gift for Newlyweds

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In case you hadn’t realised, it’s wedding season. It’s raining after all and my inbox is full of emails from Monsoon and Coast advising me on how to put on a hat! You may have seen my wedding gift recommendation for wine loving couples here and insight into the trials and tribulations of wedding wines to serve here but many of my friends are married now and their attention is turning to kids and anniversaries.

I can’t help with the kid dilemmas but for anniversaries year one is apparently paper. A rather uninspired custom that I assume came about due to the financial pressures of paying off the wedding and not being able to afford more than a sheet of A4. As a custom paper is particularly frustrating when 1. We’re encouraged to recycle and 2. computers are replacing the general need for paper at such a positive rate.

Perhaps whoever makes up these traditions could revisit this one and make it a bit more 2012. In the mean time if you’re a traditionalist then here are a couple of suggestions for your wine loving spouse for no more than a piece of A4, and a credit card of course.

The old school option – buy your loved one a lifetime membership to the Wine Society for £40, it comes with a share certificate and welcome pack, a Wine Society gift card with the name of the donor on it and the option of adding a personal message. You won’t even need to print it out!

New wine on the block: get a gift card in denominations of £30, £50 and £100.
Let your spouse do the work and decide which bottles they want to try! The catch.... you’ll have to get the voucher sent to your email address so you can print it and place it in the card!

Teach them something they didn’t know: Something for everyone somewhere near you, the Local Wine School franchise offer gift vouchers for their wine tasting sessions from £22.50. They offer a wide variety of Tastings throughout the year and the gift vouchers can be left open for the recipient to choose a wine experience at his/her leisure. The voucher gets delivered by post too, so no printer necessary!