Greywacke Sauvignon Blanc 2012 (Marlborough, New Zealand)

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Kevin Judd certainly needs no introduction as a winemaker. As one of the founders of New Zealand's iconic winery Cloudy Bay, where he worked 25 vintages, he has rightfully earned his place in the top echelons of superstar winemakers. It would have been easy enough to see out his days making cult wines at Cloudy Bay but he bravely decided to go it alone by founding Greywacke. The name, which comes from the name of New Zealand's bedrock, was registered by Kevin in 1993 so clearly he had been considering his move for a while.

The wines will always be compared to Cloudy Bay but I genuinely think they stand up very well. The 2011 Sauvignon Blanc is clearly a very well made wine. it has a fantastic level of minerality with a fine line of tropical and citrus notes running right the way through it. It really is a very easy drinking wine which evolves and changes on the palate. If you compared this to several run of the mill Kiwi Sauvignons it would stand out a mile. The nose adds another interesting edge with hints of black fruit which you don't necessarily expect.

Lets be honest, the New Zealand Sauvignon market is a very busy one but its certainly a little less crowded at the top end. This is very much where this wine belongs yet at only £13.90 a bottle this is considerably cheaper than its obvious rival, Cloudy Bay.

I sent a simple tweet out whilst tasting this wine and got quite a few responses echoing my sentiments of how good a wine this is. Clearly it has already created a number of fans for itself. This will I feel become a cult Kiwi classic along with the other wines in the Greywacke range. It would be hard not to with such a good winemaker behind it.