Britain's most inspirational celebrity chefs

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So, in this mishmash of pop and trash that make our modern world the maddening joy it is, we regular folk have succumbed to some rather tedious addictions that border on being sad afflictions: Top (pick any number & any topic) Lists and the cult of Celebrity. 

To be frank, even though I’m C.Lawrence, these attention image from food-festivals.netgetters make me less comfortable than when my nagging 5th grade teacher would drag her fingernails across the chalkboard for roughly the same purpose. The difference being that we 5th graders didn’t like the cringe worthy effect of nails on slate. However, it seems folks simply LOVE reading about top whatever you have it lists

So, if I find these lists terribly unappetizing, how come I’m writing yet another? Didn’t I just answer that above? image from love’em, and even I read them, just like I watch Jaws when crusty old Quint brings the old village boars to bear in the meeting about the “shaaark” by slowly and purposely running his nails across the chalk board.
And what about celebrity? Well, pretty people robed in the fabric of fame, for better or worse, draw mere mortals to the glitz of their lives like moths to the flame.  Who’s to blame? Us…but so it goes when we seek whatever it is in the bear hug of notoriety’s bluff and fluff.  It’s difficult not to be interested in these celebrity celebrating lists. 

So, finally, and without further flotsam from me, here’s yet another list denoting one punter’s nominees for top Celeb Chefs in the U.K. And remember, lists and fames aside, these folks love food!

(Waiver: these are in ALPHABETICAL ORDER, given name and not ranking)

Angela Hartnett
Having made more than her mark in a male dominated field, Angela has proven herself in kitchens around the world.

Antonio Carluccio
England’s ‘Godfather of Italian Gastronomy’ has been on the food scene for nearly 4 decades, and over 57 restaurants throughout the UK, he’s got a seat for you to discover the taste of Italy.

Aldo Zilli
Italian born Zilli has been introducing the beauty of Italian cookery for nearly two decades. He has a penchant for pesce with recipes a plenty.

Atul Kochar
Given credit for “re-inventing” Indian Cuisine, Atul has propelled the cuisine from post pub grub to true haute eats.

Delia Smith
If your kitchen doesn’t have a Delia cookery book, then you’re in the minority, seeing she’s sold in the twenty millions!

Ed Baines
Ed is best known for being a judge on 'Britain's Best Dish' and is the chef and co-owner of the hip and happening Randall & Aubin champagne and Oyster Bar in Soho.

Gary Rhodes
Here’s a guy with his own “Constellation of Michelin Stars”. He’s been on the up since the 80’s and continues to be at the top of the UK food scene.

Gordon Ramsey
For many, he’s the bloke version of Cruella DeVille. Famed for his trashy thrashing on Hell’s Kitchen, his restaurants are pantheons of perfection.

Hairy Bikers aka Simon King & Dave Myers
Not a couple of Hell’s Angels, just two food loving fellas from unique backgrounds sharing their affable love of great eats.

Heston Blumenthal
Perhaps the most sought after Chef in the entire UK, Blumenthal’s rise “has been an unconventional one, involving rule-breaking, unusual experiments and an exploding oven."

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
The back to basics everyman, Hugh has inspired a nation to get grubby in their urban gardens growing their own grub.

James Martin
This guy was reared on the BBC, making his first appearance at the age of 24, and has since been a fixture.

Jamie Oliver
Not just the pretty face of UK cookery, but its emerging social conscience as well. Jamie has been cleaning up the image of UK food for the past 15 years .

Keith Floyd
Being born at an “early age” Keith has enjoyed a stellar career in the UK cookery scene, having been a BBC draw since the 70’s and the original “gastronaught”.

Marco Pierre White
He and his kitchens are stuff of legend. At one time, he’s had five of those listed here working under his tutelage. Grand Master Flash of the kitchen.

Marcus Wareing
Having earned his first Michelin star at the age of 27, Marcus continues to wow palates at his self-named kitchen Marcus Wareing at The Berkeley.

Mark Hix
Elegantly understated, Mark Hix isn’t simply a flash in the pan, but a true British gastronomy man. Get out and taste for yourself.

Michael Caines
The energetic and involved chef with a hotel chain as well, Michael is everywhere great food is found.

Michel Roux Jr
Marathon man and culinary heir to his father’s La Gavoroche, Michel hasn’t basked in his father’s fame but has made his own claim.

Nigel Slater
He is a “cook who writes” and is a television staple. His presence on the UK food scene has inspired folks at home to get back in the kitchen.

Nigella Lawson
Not so much a chef as prolific writer on the beauty of food, Nigella’s works are to be found in kitchens across the UK.

Rachel Allen
Hailing from the emerald Isle, Rachel is a beloved TV chef and educator who is at home in any kitchen.

Raymond Blanc
Self-taught chef and champion of the sustainable restaurant movement, Raymond’s actions follow his words.

Rick Stein
The king of English seafood, Rick believes “nothing is more exhilarating as fresh fish simply cooked”.

Valentine Warner
The frenetic and energetic Valentine simply loves food and everything associated with the art of eating, from the farm, the kitchen and then the plate.