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Web-logs.  I remember when they first came along back in the late 90’s, early 00’s. At that time newly coined portmanteau seemed to spread across the web like an allergic reaction to poison oak on my legs. They were set for controversy, with opinions rife causing some grief and a fair share of strife.  However, blogs and blogging have evolved nicely over the years, with improvements in graphics, ease of use, and best of all, in the quality of writing from the bloggers themselves, which has lead to their acceptance as trusted sources of information for winos the world over.  Some may lament the supposed passing of “true wine journalism”, but for a blog to be mentioned here, the blogger has to offer more than just whip snap opinion. They have to be trustworthy, insightful, and enjoyable. 

So, in the ephemeral world of the web, what is it that makes a blog a Top Pick for me? Is it a stratospheric number of unique visitors? Is it the wordy and nerdy nonsense that they say? Is it cool graphics? Well, yes and no to all of those criteria.  Additionally, as a well-schooled wino and blogging boy, they need to offer me, a discerning wine professional, something more, a tangible connection to the stories, people, places and lifestyles that make fine wine such great fun. They should also offer unique tidbits and stories that entice readers to come back for more.   So, here, in no particular order of importance, are a few blogs that set lofty heights for others to aspire. 

Waiver: Should your blog or your favourite blog not be listed, apologies, but had to whittle down a large group to get to 25. Didn't even rank my own ramblings!

    Jamie Goode
    This is all about the details from a detail-oriented journo.
    Peter Wood
    Bit of fun covering wine and other drinks with Brit wit.
    Andrew Barrow
    Pure, precise, and he spits so you don’t have to…
    Tom Parnell
    Crusty bits of flotsam and jetsam that bring wine from rarified air and place it safely in the realm of reason
    Belinda Stone
    Whimsical witticisms on wine by a well-versed woman, complete with an applicable app for iPhoners. 
    Robert McIntosh
    Learn the inside stories about the wild world of the UK & international wine biz.
    Chris Kissack
    Where does this Doc find the time for what has to be one of the most exhaustively complete wine sites in the WORLD?
    Quentin Sadler
    Not too far from the depth of the afore mentioned doctor, this is your stop for all things related to our favourite drop…
    Henry Jeffreys
    Don’t be fooled by the name that sounds dangerously like a smash up of binge drinking youths. Good stuff to be read.
    Denise Medrano
    Wine trade stories from a Californian Ex-pat and her experiences in the vibrant London scene.
    Jane Parkinson
    So busy blogging, she even has an agent.
    Ben Austin
    Does what he can to remove the pretense from the pretentious world of wine.



    Tara O’Leary
    Tech savvy, girly girl goodness without being saccharinely sweet.  Chic stuff.  
    David Lowe
    With a title like that, figured there be a mention of Jayson Woodbridge's massive Cherry Pie Pinot. But nope, just fun with wine.
    Colin Smith
    A title that tells the truth, this is about an oenophile’s wine adventures.
    Heather Dougherty
    Professional journo’s blog devoted to fun and friendly wine notes.
    Paola Tich
    Take a tasting tour with a dedicated and devoted wine lover.
    Richard Bray
    Not so much a rant as it is an imbiber’s way to decant his thoughts for you to read.

         Isabelle Legeron MW
        Just like it says, she is a crazy French Woman in love with natural wines…and an MW!

         Wink Lorch
         Line up all your wine travel knowledge here, or travel vicariously through the site.

        Neil Phillips
        Insider tips on what to drink

         Torsten & Julian
        A double dose of blogesphere goodness devoted, mainly, to German wine.

        Sarah Ahmed
        Yet another Oddbins alum and wine journo sharing thoughts on the vinosphere.

        Stuart George
        Not at all about the sauce, unless you think wine is sauce…it can be, but this isn’t.

        Joanna Simon
        Wine journo’s tasting notes.  Insightful and fun.

*Special Recognition:  Jancis Robinson
The grand dame of the UK wine world of wine writing, upon whose purple pages the wine world spins.

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