10 of the UK's best independent restaurants

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I not a list obsessed kind of guy. In fact, not sure how it happened, but creating lists of top this and that seems to be my calling, and now that the weather will soon be cooling and the Olympics have left the country, I felt it was time for a list of restaurants that are worthy of a road trip. Luckily, the UK isn't so large as to make journeying about the country a terribly dear affair, and doubley lucky, we are blessed with great local produce and a slew of talented and creative chefs who know how to not just choose the best, but how to prepare the image from www.thehandandflowers.co.ukbest produce for our enjoyment. 

So, now is the time to pull your car out of the garage, or better yet, hop aboard a train and discover the deliciously diverse dining in our own backyard.  Here they are in no particular order of preference, so go ahead and hit the road in pursuit of some great food and heaps of fun.

The Ledbury - London
Chef /Owner Brett Graham
Gaining it's second Michelin star after it's opening in 2005, this London establishment has sublimely sybaritic cuisine that must be experienced.  Bookings are essential.  

The Harwood Arms - London
Chef Barry Fitzgerald
Collaboration between Brett Graham (Ledbury) & Mike Robinson (Pot Kiln)
Can't get a seat at the Ledbury? While not on the grandiose scale of its relative, this Michelin starred relaxed pub venue in Fulham is no second fiddle.  Make sure to order their revelation inducing Scotch Egg.

The Pot Kiln - Berkshire
Owners Mike & Katie Robinson
Chef Ben Fisher under Mike's watchful eye
Got a hankering for grouse and game now that the games are gone and temps are soon to drop?  Head to here to taste the best of what runs wild throughout the glorious British woodlands.

George and Dragon - Cumbria
Owner Lowther Family
Chef Paul McKinnon
With their own gardens for veggies, traditional British breeds like Shorthorn cows and Gloucestor pigs, and forests full of game such as deer, pheasant, duck and woodcock, Chef Paul McKinnon is able to bring the best to your table.  

The Walnut Tree - Llanddewi Skirrid, Wales
Owners Shaun Hill and William Griffiths
Head Chef Shaun Hill
Along with his "brigade of chefs", Shaun Hill uses a straightforward approach to craft culinary delights that speak of the ingredients rather than a particular style of cuisine. No pretenses. Just great food.

The Kitchin - Edinburgh, Scotland
Owner/Chef Tom Kitchin
Not forgetting the goods from Scotland, Michelin starred celeb chef Kitchin illustrates the beauty of knowing the provenance of food and shows us with his philosophy, "from nature to plate".

Purnell's - Birmingham
Owner/Chef Glynn Purnell
Awarded a Michelin star in 2009, just two years after opening, this contemporary spot is the setting for gourmet adventure thanks to Chef Purnell's "bold and innovative" cuisine.

The Hand and Flowers - Marlow
Owner/Chef Tom Kerridge
Head Chef Aaron Mulliss
Husband and wife (Tom & Beth) team opened this exceptional establishment in 2005 and it is now a two-starred Michelin restaurant offering uniquely British flavours from local goodies.

Casamia - Bristol
Chefs Jonray and Peter Sanchez-Iglesias
This family owned establishment has the youngest chefs in the UK with a Michelin star.  The brothers serve up some seriously inventive delights with Italian influenced flair so good you won't want to share.

The Harrow at Little Bedwyn - Wiltshire
Owners Roger and Sue Jones
Head Chef John Brown
Roger still cooks in the kitchen, but John is doing more now a days, leaving Roger and Sue to pursue their love of Aussie wine, which feature prominently on the award winning wine list.