ll Casone Pinot Grigio

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Cantina Sacchetto was founded in 1920 and today is run by Filiberto Sacchetto, his son Paolo and daughter Beatrice who oversee all aspects of the winemaking process and aim to produce the best possible examples of wines for which the region is famous.

The winery is in Trebaseleghe where the three provinces of Treviso, Padua and Venice converge.

The wine is fresh with a fine, delicate and slightly spicy bouquet with hint of tropical fruit on the finish

Produced from trellised Pinot Grigio vines on chalky soils, the grapes were de-stemmed and softly pressed. Fermentation took place in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks. The wine was kept in tank until bottled.

Ready for you to enjoy now – and Evines will pay the delivery costs if you order any six bottles

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