Lis Neris Gris-Pinot Grigio 2008

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Pinot Grigio is another Italian success story having experienced a similar rise to fame that ‘Prosecco’ has enjoyed over the last decade, particularly since 2004. This is due to its easy drinking style and therefore suitable for wine as an aperitif, being famously popularised in wine and cafe bars by ‘ladies who lunch’.

Lis Neris is located just outside the village of San Lorenzo in Friuli, almost equidistant between the Slovenian border to the north and the Izonzo River to the south. Lis Neris has been in the hands of the Pecorari family since 1879 and is currently run by Alvaro Pecorari. Their standard range is fermented and aged in stainless steel to preserve the freshness and intense minerality of the wines while their ‘cru’ wines see varying degrees of oak ageing that adds another layer of complexity and excellence.

Enjoy over a leisurely lunch with friends! Evines will pick up the bill....well, for the postage and packaging anyway!

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