Lagar de Bouza Albariño 2012 Bouza do Rei DO Rias Biaxas

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Aromas of ripe citrus fruitm crushed flowers and underlying minerality give way to a fresh, crisp palate of lemon zest, fresh lime, stone fruits and notes of flint soil.

Grapes are picked in the cool early morning and fermented in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks to preserve the floral nuances of the grape variety. The winery has a policy of using minimal intervention to ensure the wine represents it's terroir and reflects a true sense of place

Galicia is a very individual region within Spain, with a language and culture all of its own. It is also home to arguably Spain's greatest white grape, Albariño, which grows on the traditional pergolas all over the Rias Baixas area of Galicia. Many of the producers in the region are very small and, as a result, prices for Albariño are pretty solid. While not exactly cheap, Bouza do Rei is one of the best value wineries we have come across. Working as a small cooperative, 5 local vineyard owners pool their resources to make just 2 wines. Lagar de Bouza is the fuller and rounder of the two and uses more press wine to give fullness of flavour.

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