Massaya Classic Red Bekaa Valley Lebanon 2011

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Price: £12.99


This wine along with the Gold Reserve Red and the Cabernet offer a wonderful mix of the Rhône, Bordeaux and the spice of the Levant. At £12.99 the classic is a great introduction to these fabulous wines from this brilliant estate in the Lebanon. The estate is a joint venture between Ramzi & Sami Ghosn, Daniel & Frédéric Brunier (Vieux Télégraphe) and Dominique Hébrard (ex Cheval Blanc).

Having survived the totally unnecessary war between Israel and Hezbollah in 2006, Massaya celebrated their 10th anniversary midst more warring in 2008. The Tanaïl/Massaya vineyards are located at an altitude of 1000 metres above sea level in the fertile Bekaa Valley where the slopes are protected by Mount Lebanon and the Anti-Lebanon mountains. Free of frost and diseases, the Bekaa Valley enjoys a unique climate with long gentle summers, wet winters and an average temperature of 25 degrees – perfect for viticulture.

Daniel and Frédéric Brunier have introduced a showpiece winery copied from Vieux Télégraphe and Les Pallières in Gigondas – alternate small wooden and concrete vats, all designed by the same winery architect. The winery is uniquely situated in the middle of their vineyards.

This is a great wine to include in any selection… or then again order a few bottles, after all Evines will pay for the postage and packing for as few as six bottles!

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