2007 Roc d'Anglade, Vin du Pays du Gard, France

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Roc d’Anglade is in the village of Langlade between Nimes and Montpellier.

Rémy Pedreno is an intriguing guy; unusually for someone who is now so enthusiastic about wine, he did not touch a drop for the first 22 years of his life. His first job was in IT, with a project for the Maison des Vins in Tavel and it was a bottle of Vacqueyras les Amouriers that sparked off his enthusiasm, his first grande emotion, as he put it.

In 1999 he went into partnership with René Rostaing from Côte Rôtie who was looking for vines with which to improve his vin de table. The solution was four hectares in the village of Langlade, and the two worked together. Meanwhile Pedreno started buying vineyards, and in 2002 made his first wine from his own vines. He has ten hectares, in ten plots, broken down into 40 per cent Syrah, and 20 per cent each of Carignan, Grenache and Mourvèdre. In 2001 he constructed a simple cellar adjoining his house outside the village.

He only makes one red wine from his vines, taking time to get the right blend each year. His vines are on a mosaic of different terroirs, with sand, clay, alluvial soil and some vines face north. The main thing is enjoyment; he is not looking for concentration in his wines, but sheer drinking pleasure. Wine is after all made to be drunk and enjoyed.

His vineyards are organic, but not biodynamic; everything is handpicked; he uses natural yeast and keeps the sulphur levels as low as possible. And the wines are aged in barrel, but in larger wood, rather than small barriques. And he enthuses about Carignan; ‘it’s the Pinot Noir of the Languedoc, a fabulous variety’. His Carignan vines are quite old, between 60 and 30 years. There are no rules in the final blend; he observes how each variety evolves.

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