Prosecco Frizzante Carpene Malvolti NV, Colli Trevigiani IGT, Italy

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This is absolutely perfect as a less expensive alternative to Champagne for parties and weddings and also as a midweek refresher!

The nose is lightly floral with aromas of apples and pears. In the mouth the texture is creamy and it has a lifted, fruity finish. Ideal to enjoy on its own or with nibbles, fish and chicken.

Prosecco is said to have been made in Roman times. What we do know is that two centuries ago, Prosecco was bottled by farmers while there was still a moderate level of sugars and yeasts and was then conserved over the winter in sand. As Spring came and the temperatures started to rise it started refermenting in the bottle providing a dry and pleasantly sparkling wine.

Why not add a bottle of two of this to a few other wines - Evines will pay for postage and packing for as few as 6 bottles! Go ahead - treat yourself!

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